No Limits. No Labels. Pure DANCE. | Synthesis Dance | Touring Concert Modern Jazz Dance Company | New York City
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SynthesisDANCE is a collective of female creatives using strength, grace and honesty to explore universal themes; connecting with audiences through accessibility, wit, musicality and human-scale drama. Rooted in traditions of American jazz and lyrical dance, with an affinity for emotion, tone, and story, SynthesisDANCE pushes beyond conventions of genre and entertainment to examine emotions such as loss, emptiness, excess, what it means to be a woman (and even a world in which creepy dolls come to life!), through a "masterful fusion of contemporary and classical dance forms and their combination of integrity and intellectual rigour" (Huffington Post UK).

Bridging the gap between art and entertainment, bringing audiences closer to dance,
making art that mirrors everyday life and shows us the best of who we are is central to Synthesis' mission.